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Heart Research UK

For over 40 years Heart Research UK has led the way in funding cutting-edge research into heart disease – the UK’s biggest killer.

Heart disease can strike anyone; some are born with it, others develop it later in life. In fact, 700 people in the UK suffer a heart attack every day - that’s one every two minutes.

We have funded many groundbreaking projects and paid for six of the eight first successful UK heart transplants. Many things that we now take for granted, such as heart valves, angioplasty and more recently, artificial heart pumps, would not have been developed when they were, without our help. 

We continue to fund innovative research all over the UK including a unique Artificial Heart Muscle project aimed at developing a man-made device to help patients with heart failure. Our funding of such pioneering projects highlights the importance of research and development in the battle to beat heart disease.

What we would prefer, is for there to be no heart problems in the first place so we also give grants to community based projects that encourage people to make the right lifestyle choices for a healthier heart.


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