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Coram Voice

Our charity, Coram Voice, is committed to improving the lives of children in or leaving care. Children are taken into care because their parents can no longer keep them safe or look after them. Sometimes something terrible has happened to them, such as abuse or neglect and sometimes their parents just aren't able to look after them, perhaps because of illness such as poor mental health. 

The responsibility for the child's care moves to each local authority's social services dept, their corporate parent, and they become 'looked after children'. For many the very system that is there to protect them lets them down, not just once, but time and them again. 

Often children have no where else to turn, so they call an advocate, independent of their Local Authority, on Coram Voice free helpline, to find out their rights and legal entitlement and the advocate helps them get the support they need.

Coram Voice listens to the child, empowering them with information so the child can make their own decisions and choose their own pathways. They may not want to move from a happy foster home when told they have to or they may want to move because they don't feel safe. They may want to stay in education, but have no parents on hand to help them so the advocate works alongside their social worker to make sure their views are heard.

At Coram Voice, our advocates do not act on best interest as we believe the person who knows best about what they want from life, is the child themselves. 

Please donate to Coram Voice, to support our helpline... its open every day, even over Christmas, so please help us keep our promise of NO CHILD TURNED AWAY. 

Have a fabulous Christmas from everyone here at Coram Voice.


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