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Adding your charity to Charitecards

Whether you are a small local charity or a large multinational, offering an ecard capabilty through Charitecards gives you quick and easy fund raising at no cost whilst also increasing awareness of your charity.

We are a small, friendly fund raising organisation that operates on a voluntary basis. Our aim is to maximise the amount that comes to you as a donation; as we don't have large marketing budgets we just need your commitment to promote your Charitecards page once it is created.

All you need to do is click on the link below and start building your Charitecards webpage at no cost to your charity.

Whilst we constantly strive to keep our costs as low as possible (see about us) we do have some costs which we recover by charging a small agreed subscription fee. In return for a years subscription to Charitecards the users can send an unlimited number of Charitecards from our wide selection of designs.

Click here to see an example of how it works, move the slider and watch it calculate how much they pay and what you will receive.

We recommend that you encourage people to send Charitecards for birthdays and other occasions as well as Christmas as this will provide donations throughout the year. Click here to see a sample of our Charitecards.

We transfer donations into your bank electronically once a quarter; in most cases the majority of donations are received during the Christmas period. We will email you a link to your statement that provides comprehensive details of who has made donations so that you can contact them and also to enable you to claim any Gift Aid.

Each Charitecard that is sent from your Charitecards page will include the name and logo of your charity to receive their donation. This will promote your charity and encourage the recipient to also join Charitecards and make a donation to your charity.

To submit your charity for approval, click below and build your Charitecards webpage and provide charity registration, bank and contact details. We aim to approve your pages within 2 days. It is fully secure and you can start earning money immediately.  You can come back and update your pages as often as you want to check your statements or update your details. This can be done via the "Charity Login" link at the foot of our home page.

Create Your Charitecards Page (By selecting this link you confirm that you are an employee of the charity with authority to set up fund raising activities. Charitecards can only accept charities that are registered with the UK Charities Commission and have a UK bank account)


With Gift Aid your
chosen charity will get
at least 100%
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